Friday, October 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Rat!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Tales From The Psychiatric Clinic #2

So Patient X is now finally out of the study!!! Hurrah!!!!

I was actually reconsidering whether i should kick him out of the study or not, but after these two messages last week and other annoying ones, i decided to stick with my decision

Copied verbatim :

SMS 1 : Sabrina, i am X are a former footballer and played for a football club to in a selangor league division 1, so my best favourite is a football.

SMS 2 : Sabrina, what is a different to superman with spiderman

LOL!!! I mean seriously la!

So anyway he came by just now and i told him that he is no longer in the study and that he can call and message me a thousands times i wont respond or be bothered cos it's not even my real number. That made him look shocked, the fact that i had another number which he has no knowledge off...hee hee.....

Then he actually had the cheek to ask me why i was kicking him out of the study!

So i told him not to pretend to be daft...that he knew perfectly well why i was kicking him out. I also told him that he may think he's being very smart but i am smarter; and that his actions are bordering on harassment and i will make a police report if i have to.

He looked very upset and refused to leave eventhough i told him several times that we were done. And he had the cheek to say "No comment" to which i responded "Good!". So seeing that he wasn't gonna leave, i got up and walked off

You know with most of my patients i am very very tolerant because of the nature of their disease. But unfortunately you do come across patients like these who try to take advantage of the situation. And the best thing is to put a stop to things as soon as possible.

Of course after that i got all anxious, worrying bout what he'll do not just to himself but to other people as well, but as my specialist said that is emotional blackmail on his part and to not fall for it

Fingers crossed anyway that he wont do anything drastic

Monday, October 11, 2010

Hen's Night On Star Cruise

Last month we celebrated my good friend Priscilla's Hen's Night on Star Cruise Pisces. It was a cruise to nowhere, leaving from penang, so the 6 of us took a drive up in a jeep loaned to us by her hubby-to-be.

Boarding......Julia, Robina, Priscilla, Juanita, Kavi and The Ninja

Now for weeks before the trip i was super super excited cos i had never been on a cruise before. Plus it was really affordable.. RM130 per person inclusive of board, buffet dinner and buffet breakfast.

But i must say that overall i was a little disappointed with the cruise.


Room was just tiny. Especially for my big butt! I mean there were 4 of us in one room and we could barely fit our suitcases inside. Thankfully the bathroom wasn't too small

With Kavi in our tiny room

Swimming pool

The pool was on the same floor as us but it was soo small i think it could prob fit only 10 people!! I had of course imagined this huge huge pool which we'd all be lounging round in our little bikinis.


There were no performances as i had imagined. No scantily-clad Russian chicks with big head-plumes kicking their feet up in the air. What they did have was this band that was soo bad the rodents back at the pier were hanging themselves!

One of the dining areas

Plus points :


Dinner was pretty good. Pasta, ostrich meat, big-ass prawns. Breakfast was ok


The club has buy one free one will 1 am


Massage is pretty good and affordable, and by Chinese masseuses. RM77 for a 45 minute Swedish massage. They have a pool and jacuzzi inside which looks fantastic, but you have to pay around RM22 (if i remember correctly) to use this pool. Open till 6am


Yes you can gamble! I had such a good hand i won RM250 in half an hour!!! Woot! It is under Genting so bring your genting card along

The place was also mostly empty cos people go there mainly to gamble. You get a lot of middle-aged to geriatric folk who come just for that...which is why the ship looks very deserted. But thankfully we had each other and we kept ourselves busy and entertained playing our games

We got the bride-to-be dressed in her veil (couldn't get one in shocking pink unfortunately) and she got claps and a lot of attention everywhere she went. And then we all had saucy names....i was 'Sexy Pussy' and Kavi was 'Muff Cummshot' and we had to call each other that the whole night, failing which we would be forfeited.

We also had a balloon-blowing game where the slowest person would be forfeited. The point was of course to poke a hole in the bride's balloon then give her tips on 'blowing'.....but the hole i made was too small and she ended up being the fastest blower! LOL!

So all in all we had fun but only cos we had great company. I wouldn't go for Star Pisces again (although The Gang is planning on going and i'll probably go again anyway!) but i would definitely want to try one of the other bigger ships like Aquarius which is supposed to be 4 times bigger than Pisces and has 3 huge pools! Woot!

At the club with some hot doctors.

Anyway she's getting married this weekend and i am one of the bridesmaids but i've been eating like a hungry monster these past few weeks (why does that always happen only when u really need to lose weight???)....i mean just yesterday i had 3 dinners!!! Yes THREE!!! One with prem, one with ram and one all by meself! I should probably just starve myself this whole week.

Details :

Star Pisces Cruise to Nowhere
Time : Board at 5pm. Check out latest by 10am next morning.
Departure : From Penang but it seems from October onwards they'll be departing from Port Klang
Price : Price differs according to the days. Weekends might be more but you have to call and check with them. Usually weekday price is RM130 per person..depending on room type.
Booking : Don't bother with their website cos it's not really 'friendly'. Just call them and ask for different dates/options.

Sunday, October 03, 2010

Booby & Babies #2

Last week Dazzie and i went over to visit Boobs' new baby girl, who really is the most adorable creature on the face of the earth! And that's really saying something coming from me cos i am of the opinion that most babies are ugly.

But this little tyke is soo gonna be a heartbreaker la!

The shocking part about all this is that i carried the baby (*gasp*) and actually liked it!! Although i did stop breathing for 5 minutes, i actually loved having her in my arms. Which is just soo odd cos just 2 months ago when i was shopping for gifts for her baby shower i thought i would break out into a rash.
Diapers, rattles, little-sorry-excuses-for-towels, wipes...etc etc.
I mean i have never felt soo uncomfortable and out of my element in all my life!!
And this coming from a self-professed tomboy who once had to put on a tutu for a ballet dance recital! (And before you ask...NO....there are no pictures...thank god!)

I mean i have been wanting to adopt a kid for a very long time now but i'd often imagined my kid to be big...well not that big but at least capable of speech. And of course when they're bigger and capable of doing household chores that would just be golden.

But babies....babies have never been my thing...mostly because i cant have a conversation with them and all they do is eat, poop and cry....and i already have Dazzie for that!

I'd like to say that perhaps my fabled clock has finally started ticking but i'm quite sure God forgot to equip me with one....not that i'm complaining at all of course. And i still grimace whenever i see other babies.

So perhaps it's just Jess' little princess....whom truth be told i can't wait to see again!

Welcome to the world Chloe Josanna Paul......i am booking you for my adopted son Kwame....